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At True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc., we realize the urgency when you have a roofing repair, in need of a roof replacement or installation. We want you to be fully knowledgeable of the service you are receiving. We have implemented this page that answers some of the frequently asked questions we hear on a daily basis. If you have any further questions or we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. at 214-535-2514. For your convenience, you may request services from our website.

What does a hail hit roof look like?

A hail hit on a shingle looks like a "bruise" or a dark spot where the granules on the shingle have been knocked off and the asphalt underlayment and sometimes the fiberglass mat is exposed. New hail hits will have a shiny appearance because the asphalt has been freshly exposed and has not had time to weather to a dull color.

Do I need to get my damaged roof replaced immediately?

The nature of hail damage is that it may pose no immediate threat to the structural integrity of the roof. However, many insurance companies have a "statute of limitations" of how long a hail claim is viable. If you have experienced a loss such as hail damage it is imperative that you take care of the problem as soon as possible before it leads to other roof damage problems.

Does True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. handle insurance claims?

Absolutely! At True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. we have expert insurance claims specialists on staff that are happy to handle all facets of your insurance claim. We are very knowledgeable in the insurance claims department and are a strong advocate for our customers. Our staff at True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. can handle your entire claim process upon request for no additional charge.

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How do I know if I have hail damage to my roof?

To determine if there has been roof damage a close inspection of the shingles has to be made from the roof. Usually you cannot tell from the ground.

What does hail do to a roof?

Shingles are designed so that the granules block the UV of the sun and protect the asphalt underlayment. As the shingles age the granules fall off over time. As the asphalt is exposed the UV, it dries out and the shingle gets a "potato chip" appearance as the corners start to curl up. A shingle at the extreme end of its life is bubbled in appearance and is brittle to the touch. A 20-year shingle is warranted by the manufacturer to have a useful life, under optimal ventilation conditions, of 20 years.

Hail damage has several impacts:

Accelerates granule loss.
Accelerates shingle aging.
Voids manufacturer's warranties.
Leads to other associated problems.

How is the actual damage of my roof determined?

Our insurance claims specialists at True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. will conduct a thorough damage assessment and obtain all pertinent appraisals to ensure that all provisions in your policy are properly fulfilled. This often involves numerous steps that might be overlooked by an inexperienced policyholder but that can make a significant difference in the amount of the final adjustment.

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Why should I hire your company to obtain what is rightfully due to me?

At True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. our insurance claims specialists are working for you and what is in your best interest. Quite often, the insurance adjuster is working for the interest of the insurance company to ensure that they are paying out as little as possible. With over 25 years of experience and knowledge, we are able to obtain a more favorable adjustment for you, the insured.

Why would my insurance company replace my roof?

The purpose of homeowners insurance is to protect homeowners against losses in their property�s value due to damage that is beyond their control. If you have hail damage, you have experienced a financial loss in that your original investment of a 20-year roof (for example) has now been reduced to a 5-10 year useful life span. Your insurance company will compensate you for your loss and replace your roof.

Do you warranty your workmanship and roofing materials?

Absolutely! True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. offers a complete 5 year labor warranty and a 20-30 year manufacturers warranty on all roofing materials, depending on the product manufacturer you choose.
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How can I recognize problems in my roof system?

All too often, roof system problems are discovered after leaking or other serious damage occurs. Periodic inspections often can uncover cracked, warped or missing shingles; loose seams and deteriorated flashings; excessive surface granules accumulating in the gutters or downspouts; and other visible signs of roof system problems. Indoors, you should be aware of cracked paint, discolored plasterboard and peeling wallpaper as signs of damaged roof areas.

What are my options if I decide to re-roof?

You have two basic options: You can choose a complete replacement of the roof system, involving a tear-off of your existing roof system, or re-cover the existing roof system, involving only the installation of a new roof system. If you have already had one re-cover installed on your original roof system, let us know. In many instances, city code requirements allow no more than one roof system re-cover before a complete replacement is necessary.

My roof is leaking. Do I need to have it replaced completely?

No! Not necessarily. Leaks can result from flashings that have come loose or a section of the roof system being damaged. A complete roof system failure, however, generally is irreversible and a result of improper installation, choice of materials, or the roof system installation is inappropriate for the home.
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What kind of roofing styles and colors do you offer?

True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. can provide you with virtually an unlimited number of roofing styles and colors. Our estimators will have plenty of samples for you to view. True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. uses open book pricing so there is no mystery to our price guidelines. You simply point and we will provide you prices right on the spot.

When is the best time to put on a roof?

There is no �best time� to put on a roof. True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. installs roofs year round and there will be no difference in quality, look, or longevity whether the roof is installed in January or July.

What if it rains during my roof installation?

When True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. does your roof we eliminate the week-long process by installing your roof in one day. If rain is in the forecast we often will reschedule for the next "rain-free" day.
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We hope this page has provided some valuable information. We also hope that it has earned us an opportunity to earn your trust. If you have any further questions, please contact True Pro Quality Roofing, Inc. at 214-535-2514. For your convenience, you may request services from our website.

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